Acropolis, Theatre of Dionysus & Acropolis Museum Tour
The Acropolis, Theatre of Dionysus & Acropolis Museum Tour begins inside the Acropolis metro station. Your guide will make his first stop at the archaeological exhibits which were found in the excavations of the New Acropolis Museum area. Then you will continue walking on the pedestrian streets of Makrigianni and Dionysus Areopagitou str. nearby Plaka and the new Acropolis Museum (WC is available). We enter Acropolis from the south slope to skip the lines and avoid the crowds. Your ascent here begins while you are taking in the spectacular views of the city below. You will visit the Theatre of Dionysus, Asclepius Sanctuary and adore the Concert Hall of Herodes Atticus. Reaching Acropolis top point, your guide will give you a detailed explanation of the glorious monuments such as, the Parthenonthe Erechtheionthe Propylaiathe Nike Temple, the Beule Gate, the Observatory, the Philopappos and the Mars and Pnyx Hills. The first part of the tour finishes in the viewpoint of Acropolis and you will have free time to explore the hill on your own (WC is available).

After your guides direction you will meet your guide in the New Acropolis Museum. As an international museum, offers a unique visiting experience, a master piece of modern architecture, designed by Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi in co-operation with the Greek architect Michalis Photiadis. It also includes an open air museum that it is visible while you are walking on glass floors. You will explore the history of the highlighted artifacts and we go further on a dialogue that makes bridges with the archaeological sites of Athens and the repatronisation of antiquities.

Inside the Acropolis Metro Station, next to the ticket validating machines. Your tour guide will be holding Athens Walking Guide sign. 

  • Acropolis metro station archaeological exhibits
  • Weiler Building
  • New Acropolis Museum
  • Makrigiannis statue
  • Plaka area
  • Dionysus Areopagitou street
  • Makrigiannis street
  • Theatre of Dionysus
  • Asclepius Sanctuary
  • Concert Hall of Herodes Atticus
  • Parthenon
  • Erechtheion
  • Propylaia
  • Nike Temple
  • Beule Gate
  • The Observatory
  • The Philopappos Monument
  • Mars Hill
  • Pnyx Hill
  • Overview of Ancient Agora and Temple of Hephaestus
  • Archaic Korai
  • Ancient pottery
  • The Caryatids
  • The Parthenon Marbles  

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  • Professional Licensed English Speaking Guide/ Bachelor’s holder in Humanities


  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Entrance Fees of Acropolis 
  • Food tasting (inform A.W.G. in case of any allergies)


Tour Duration : up to 5 hours