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Acropolis & Ancient Agora

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Acropolis & Theater of Dionysus Tour

A must to do tour of Athens! You will see the Parthenon, the temple of Athena Nike, the Erectheion and the theater of Dionysus

Royal Paths of Athens

Date: Tuesday 14 May 2013

Time: 01:00pm

Join us for Royal Paths of Athens

In this tour with Athens Walking Guide we search to trek the urban configuration of the new capital of the newly established Greek state, Athens. Travellers may enjoy the descriptions of the buildings that are connected with the first days of the modern state and also feel the daily life of Athens. Additionally our commentary covers the reign of the two Royal Greek families. 

A.W.G. meeting poing is going to be outside Syntagma Square next to the fountain and you will recognize us by the sign with the logo Athens Walking Guide.

Our itinerary:

The walk starts from the Old Palace (Greek Parliament), continues at the Cathedral of St. Dionysios and the Athenian Trilogy {(Academy of Athens, University of Athens and the National Library and then to Arsakeio Girls (Council of State)}. Then we_visit-the-Old National Printing House, the House Dekozi – Vouros (Museum of the City of Athens), the=Temple St. George Karytsi and we-close-our-tour-nearby the House of Chian banker Kontostavlos (Old House), which was also the residence of the royal couple for a few years. During the walk we may have the opportunity to learn the importance of the architectural features of buildings, the difficulties (financial , policies, techniques) that had to be overcome to carry out the project, the arguments, objections and delays that accompanied the construction of buildings and to hear stories about people with their lives and their work marked the buildings of our first Royal Bavarian King-Otto.

Special Notes:

  • To run the tour we need a minimum capacity of 2 persons
  • Duration three hours and a thirty minutes
  • No entrances fees