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Acropolis Museum Tour
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Byzantine and Christian Museum Tour
Must See Temporary Exhibitions
Acropolis Museum
National Museum of Athens
Byzantine Museum
Antikythera Shipwreck – 60-50 BC
Gain an in depth knowledge of Acropolis
Gain a panorama of Greek civilization
Gain an in depth understanding of the Byzantine World
Learn the story behind the recovery of the shipwreck
Stroll through the galleries
Marvel the statues of Artemis Poseidon Athena Persephone Socrates Plato Dionysus and many more
Learn about the great fall of ancient world and the rise of Christianity
Watch press photographs and films from Jean-Yves Cousteau- legendary oceanographer – during the second underwater expedition
Visit the Parthenon Gallery
Find out about the ancient customs and see the funeral masks, statuettes and idols
Explore the Temples of the new religion
See it all – 378 artifacts
Watch conservators do the delicate work of cleaning the Caryatids with advanced laser technology
Discover the fabulous ancient Greek golden jewelry
Discover the Christianization of the ancient temples
Learn about the importance of the cargo and this commercial navigation from East to West
Discover the Horse riders – The aristocrats of Athens
Learn how the ancient Greeks ate and witness the pots and bronze objects from antiquity
Marvel the Christian Egypt and Coptic art
Travel through time with the food remains of the shipwreck
Discover the archaic colors
Awed by the golden mask of Agamemnon
Unlock the secrets of the Byzantine Empire
Witness the world’s oldest known analog computer or astrological calculator – the Antikythera mechanism
Marvel the statues of Ancient Greek sculptor Antenor
Get your questions answered, with your own private guide
Find out about the role of Athens during the Byzantine Empire
Marvel the bronze statue of the Antikythera Youth
Unlock the history of the ancient sanctuaries
Duration 2 hours
Hear the story of the decline and the great fall of the Byzantine Empire
Get your questions answered, with your own private guide
Learn about the role of Acropolis from the 5th century BC to the 5th century AD
Get your questions answered, with your own private guide
Duration 1hour 20 minutes
Explore the remains of the day to day lives of the people that lived in the shadow of the Acropolis over various periods
Duration 1 hour 40 minutes

Exhibition is open until the 31st of August

Get amazed by the commanding sculptures of the pediment of the Ancient Temple of Athena Polias
Travel back in time with your guides narrative about the Persian disaster on the Acropolis
Get your questions answered, with your own private guide
Duration 1 hour 30 minutes

Acropolis Museum is closed every Monday

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